Ask The Consultants – 03.15

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This is the second of our monthly Ask The Consultants blog articles. Your questions will be answered by our core team of ALS Consultants. Submit questions via email at

Q: What is the best way to empower staff and keep good morale? – Maia Simon via Facebook

A: Employees like to know that their work matters. They’re investing their time and energy in your company! Take the time to make sure they know that they are valued. There are innumerable ways to do this, as many ways as people have individual traits. One great avenue is to find out what matters to them. How do they like to contribute? Give them opportunities to contribute in the ways they enjoy. Listen carefully when they speak to you so that you can deliver on what matters to them. Your staff are spending quite a chunk of their time making your business work. Make that worth their while; they will be empowered and morale will be high. – Meg Buck

A: Find out what they’re interested in and support them; have the organization and their contribution to it be a vehicle for them fulfilling on what actually matters to them. That means in reality, not just in lip service. Don’t treat people like tools or robots, or even like you’d like to be treated—treat them like extraordinary and capable human beings. Listen, commit, and honor your word. – Paul Greiner


A: This is a great question and, unfortunately, there is no one correct answer that I am aware of. I would recommend reading the article on our blog, Creating Leaders in Your Organization. For the moment, I suggest that you consider that people who know that their work matters, and that their impact is recognized, tend to be pretty happy with what they are doing. In my experience, letting people take responsibility for the results of their work, and giving them the freedom to figure out how to produce those results, produces team members who are challenged and engaged.I think that this is about as close as one can get to ensuring empowerment and good morale. – Douglas Hoffman

A: Find out why they joined the company, what bothers them about the company, and what they would like to do. Make sure that the opinion of each member is valued and taken seriously, make it possible for anyone with a good idea to affect the whole company. When you know and feel like you are a part of something larger than yourself and your voice is heard you will be empowered to make a difference. ~ Andreas Svedin

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