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2011: Best Year Ever

Once again, we find ourselves at the start of a New Year; a time for looking toward, planning for and even designing our future. I know that, for me personally, I’ve declared 2011 to be my best year ever, and I’m committed that each and every person in and around my communities has that same opportunity. Along those lines, I’m happy to acknowledge those that have joined my Best Year Ever coaching group, kicking off January 15th. This is a local group of entrepreneurs and leaders who have completed my Power & Performance Program, and are committed to really knocking 2011 out of the park in terms of professional performance and quality of life. I am honored to be working with such inspiring and committed people, and can’t WAIT to get started!

On another note, this can be a confronting time for many of us.

We can experience a distinct kind of pressure, whether it’s the pressure to live up to our “resolutions”, to make things better than last year, or even just to match our performance last year. Indeed, as we all know, resolutions tend to disappear quickly, and it usually doesn’t take long before we look up and see a world of “much the same”. In fact, here in Buffalo, a prominent weekly “alternative” newspaper had as their cover headline- a full two issues before January 1st: “2011: It’s beginning to look a lot like last year!”

So now, I challenge you! I challenge you to actually create a new year! See, it only looks like last year when you compare it to last year. Seems obvious, right? So obvious, you may be wondering what the point is. What I’m pointing to is, this is a new year, a new day, a new moment! Really! You have the opportunity, from this moment on, to choose your every action, regardless of what happened last year, last month or 5 minutes ago. You are where you are- now what?

So what will you be doing? What will you spend your moments on, your year on? What are you really committed to, and willing to take action to fulfill on? Forget all the “should”s and “have-to”s!  What is really worth your life? Getting your new venture off the ground? A breakthrough year in sales or income? An amazing vacation with your family? The choice is yours. I say: Go for it!

Now, if you’re committed to big things, but what I’m saying seems impossible, like a pipe-dream, or like magic-thinking, I invite you to have a conversation with me about it. I assure you, it’s very possible, totally do-able and you can start right now. After all, when else is there?

Have an amazing month, and welcome to your best year ever!

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