January 2012

Relationship Transformation- From Cops to Clients

(LU PHILLIPS is an expert in Global Business Development.  Among his recent accomplishments is leading his firm’s relationship with Boeing from the initial project to “2010 Supplier of the Year”.  The focus of his work with ALS is causing breakthroughs in sales performance through a shift to a model he calls “The Total Client Value Proposition”.  Lu resides near Seattle.)

I flew into St. Louis Tuesday night for my big customer meeting Wednesday morning. The day started great: breakfast in the hotel, friendly staff, and the front desk printed me MapQuest directions to my meeting.  Unsure of my route, I left around 30 minutes early, which should have had me in the lobby about 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule.  So far, so good.

Following my printed directions, I took a right at an intersection off the main road.  Instead of getting more industrial to match my expectations of the client’s location, it became very rural remarkably quickly.  The two-lane road had nearly no traffic, wooded landscape everywhere, potholes and sections of graveled roadway.  Ok, I was lost.  I drove a little further to find a good place to turn around, a wide intersection­­–perfect!

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Keeping Commitments Alive

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? Did you this year? How’s that going?


Personally, I tend not to make them at all, at least in the common interpretation. See, once upon a time I did, though I’d usually cave on them or forget about them. Over time, I stopped making them altogether- I mean, what’s the point of setting myself up for that inevitable disappointment, right? Now, I make commitments; in the weeks surrounding the holidays, I take a conscious approach to my work and my life to discover, and create, what would make a real difference for me and others in the coming year.

But really that’s the easy part. Sure, I can commit to something- to take some action, or produce some result- all it takes is for me to open my mouth and say I’m going to do it.


But have you noticed how quickly new commitments seem to disappear, to actually vanish from your awareness? That is what I’d like to discuss: What does it take to have a commitment persist over time?

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Networking 101 Lesson 1

(This article is the first in a series of posts, co-written by Douglas Hoffman and long time ALS Client and friend, Lyle Katz. Lyle is a very successful mortgage banker and an expert in the fine art of generating opportunity. Lyle’s experience forms the basis of this series. At the end of each article, there will be an assignment for the next four weeks.)

Let’s start at the beginning with a definition for networking. This is not the usual definition, nor is it “correct” or “definitive.” It is simply the one that we will use for this conversation:

Networking is the deliberate building of a community for sharing information and services among business people. Ultimately, networking is about helping others.

In our experience, many people miss the opportunity allowed by professional and social gatherings.

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