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May 2012

It’s Not About YOU

Fundamentally, business is about service, about providing someone else with something of value. Whether we actively provide that something to those others (sales and/or delivery) or we work inside an organization serving some other function required for the effective delivery of that something, the whole point is to provide value.

In a culture preoccupied, if not obsessed, with attainment, achievement and status- with getting stuff- it seems difficult to keep the whole providing and service thing in our awareness. I mean, here in the U.S. anyway, our country was actually founded (at least partly) on the principle of the “pursuit of happiness”. Did you ever notice that if you have to pursue something, it inherently means that you don’t have it- or even have direct access to it? So here we are, in life and in business, pursuing and chasing happiness- and blaming others and external circumstances when we don’t “get it”. Hell, even when we get the “stuff” we want (the car, the promotion, the sale, etc.), notice how it (experience-wise) provides nothing more than a very temporary sense of gratification? Then it’s on to the next “thing”, and on and on we go…

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Networking 101, Class 5

Networking currency

Finding value in all of the people you meet


Increase your value of being an effective networker by knowing good people.  Then, you are able to help those you meet and be known as a giver who helps other people grow their business.   The networker who connects other people becomes the most valuable person in the room.  You want to be the most valuable person in the room.  You become that person by helping those around you.  You help those around you by surrounding yourself with other valuable people.

In some way, most people you meet can be effective networking partners.  When attending networking events and groups, don’t look for clients.  Look for people who can help you grow your business and most importantly, can help you show others how to grow their business.  Look for people who are either a 1) Center of Influence, 2) Connector or 3) Hidden gem.  It’s important to realize what type of person you meet and then work with that person to help each other.

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