June 2012

Navigating Large Networking Events

Many people are intimidated by large networking events that may have up to 100 people or sometimes more.  It’s uncomfortable for people to walk into a situation like that and start making conversation with strangers.  It may appear overwhelming at first, but with the right preparation and some planning, you can learn to love attending events like this.

This months article will discuss the top three strategies for navigating large networking events.  They are:

1) Setting goals

2) Bring a friend

3) Don’t talk about yourself

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There’s Always SOMETHING (and so what?)

Have you noticed that, in business and in life, there’s always something to deal with? That’s just the nature of the game, so to speak, right? Call them what you will- problems, breakdowns, challenges, situations, opportunities, etc.- as long as you’re alive, and certainly if you’ve taken on working with others (and how can you not), there will always be things to deal with.

The question for today is, HOW do you deal with those things? And I don’t mean what do you do, because that (hopefully) will be different from situation to situation. Rather, how do you relate to what there is to deal with; what is your relationship to what’s happening and how do you let it affect you? I say that it’s who you are about what’s happening- or how you relate to it- not the situation itself, that has the real impact on both your effectiveness in dealing with it and your experience of life overall.

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