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7 Steps To Extraordinary Performance

Most of us love being known as extraordinary, as being capable of producing great results.

Most of us also have at least one or two areas of our businesses and lives in which we’re not reliable for coming through on what we’re committed to.

Here’s a simple frame for doing extraordinary work and fulfilling on critical concerns with power and clarity:

  1. Commit Big. Dig down to what really matters, face your predictable future, and then commit to a new future that you’re in love with. Don’t hope, don’t “try”, and don’t just imagine it– put yourself on the line in a way that will make a difference.
  2. Do What Works. No solid foundation means no opportunity for high performance. Forget what you feel like and what you’ve done before and what’s comfortable and familiar, and just do what works.
  3. Don’t Do What Doesn’t Work. Eliminate your tolerance for incompletion, drama and unworkability. No complaining, no shortcuts, no bullshit.
  4. Play Full Out. You can’t justify yourself AND give 100% at the same time. Don’t hold back, don’t dodge accountability. If you’re willing to give it everything you’ve got and do whatever it takes, it’s likely that it will take much less than you think it will.
  5. Listen To The Results. People lie. Results don’t. Set aside any well-crafted explanations and rationalizations you’re stuck in for what’s not working. Face the facts, get the message, and then take the appropriate and necessary action.
  6. Act Like Everything Matters. Don’t dismiss, avoid or “step over” any breakdowns or potential breakdowns—no matter how “small” they may seem. Confront the reality of the situation, address it completely and move forward.
  7. Celebrate and Learn. Acknowledge both your wins and losses. Enjoy the wins, learn from the losses… and then start a new game.

Please try this out. It works.

(If you’re not sure about that, look at some of these results.)

Map this perspective onto an area of your business or work where you’re not getting the results you’re committed to, see what step is missing, and simply put it in: keep that step in front of you and operate by it as best as you know how for even 24 hours, and see what happens.

Let us know what comes up, and definitely reach out if you’d like some input or support.


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