Allan Scherr, Founder/Owner

Consultant and lecturer on software development and leadership. Was EMC SVP, Software Engineering, responsible for development of turnkey storage management products. Formerly, an independent consultant in the areas of business process reengineering, information technology, and software project management. A 28 year career with IBM as a technical leader, successful software project manager, and executive. Led a series of major projects to create what is today the core of IBM’s large systems’ software. Managed key products in communications, distributed processing, computer applications, hardware development, and business automation tools. Innovator in project management techniques and the automation of business processes. Recognized expert in software design, computer system performance, and distributed processing. Named an IBM Fellow in recognition of world-class technical achievements. B.S and Ph.D. from M.I.T. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Thesis earned ACM’s Grace Murray Hopper Award. Career highlights include:

  • proposed and led design of IBM’s TSO, today’s most widely used time sharing system.
  • overall project manager and lead designer of first MVS release, IBM’s mainframe operating system.
  • managed the creation of DPPX, an operating system for the IBM 8100 distributed processing system.
  • managed IBM’s networking products and the CICS transaction processor during their early years.
  • co-invented a proven technique to improve team productivity in projects by an average factor of 2.5.
  • pioneered a new technique for automating business processes directly from their definition
  • managed the transition and growth of an acquired software company from startup mode to acquiring and supporting a large number of customers with more than $100 million in revenue
  • co-creator and leader of the “Jensen-Landmark-Scherr Leadership Course” at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester (NY) (now known as the “Being A Leader” course)
  • co-creator of the time/life/project management system, Mission Control