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ALS On The Road: India

For this month, I am simply going to start a thread.  I am currently in India working with an amazing company called Seed Infotech.  I have only been here about 24 hours but would like to share some of what I have noticed, and invite you to take a look at something for yourself.

The Indian people are not easily offended.  It seems that in dramatic contrast to the people of the United States and in particular, New Yorkers, the people here recognize that each of us is doing what we need to do.  The way that traffic moves is a clear example of this.  American streets are comparatively wide and clear and except for the rare moment far less congested.  We have clear traffic rules which we abide by or not but which are held at least as general guidelines.  Here, there is none of that.  vehicles move in which ever direction and at whatever moment they need to in order to get where they are going, traffic laws seem not to exist and vehicles regularly insert themselves into the middle of seemingly impenetrable traffic flows and no one gives anyone else an inch of extra space, but they make it work and though horns do honk, it seems to be nothing more than a casual notification of, “hey I’m here”.  No one gets upset.  There are pedestrians walking and motorcycles, pushcarts, goats and trucks and bicycles, tricycles and rickshaws and they all move as they seem to want to, with little regard for others besides an attention to not crashing.  And they do not crash, and no one yells, honks in anger, flips the bird, or gets out of their car looking to throw hands.  Everyone keeps going towards where they intend to go.  I think it somes down to this, Take nothing as a personal affront.

The Indian people are quick to generosity.  It takes virtually nothing for the people here to fly off the handle and be nice to one another.  People sell things on the street, but never intrude, beggars beg, but do not pressure, people will look at one another with interest but no intention.  And over and over, people act toward one another in this odd way, by being kind.

It seems also that there is a real love of learning.  I am guessing that this is rooted in an ancient tradition of learning from others, seeking new knowledge and seeking it from great scholars.  The people here seem to be anxious to inquire, to learn to engage in dialogue, they approach with carefully thought out questions, deep inquiries and a desire to know.  The Indian people are curious.

So I ask for the moment, that each of take a look at how our professional lives would be different if we took on being these three things in business and if you want, personal life:

  • Be not easily offended
  • Be quick to generosity
  • Be curious

What would that change about how you do business?

As always, I look forward to your replies.

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