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Developing Investment Grade Software

Please let me know when the next 8 hour, "Developing Investment Grade Software" Workshop with Dr Allan Scherr is being scheduled.

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build tough

There’s an old joke in the software business: In the past 50 years, the software industry has had 2 years’ experience 25 times. In that period, Dr Scherr had 50 years’ experience starting as a logic circuit designer, a micro-coder, designing and managing the development of operating systems, middle-ware, and applications, and finally as a power user.

The three major problems with software today are reliability, usability, and security. All three of these problems have been solved over the years, but programmers today don’t seem to even know how to deal with them.

Obviously, a new startup enterprise needs to minimize time to market and therefore quick and dirty solutions are appropriate. If that business becomes successful with millions of users, it can no longer afford quick and dirty. Reliability, usability, and security become critical requirements

My course in “Developing Investment Grade Software” goes into detail about how these issues, and more, can be effectively addressed. Here is a list of topics covered:

  1.  Usability – definition and measurements enabling continuous improvement
  2. Reliability – removing bugs won’t get you to ultra-high reliability, but there are ways
  3. Transitioning from “quick and dirty” to a disciplined development process
  4. Productivity of software development – how to organize to maximize productivity
  5. Security solutions

About the speaker: Dr Allan Scherr Joined IBM in 1965, rising to VP of Technology, IBM Consulting Group in 1993. His career has consisted mostly of bringing things into existence that didn’t exist before and creating processes to do things that have never been done before. In 1975 he received the Grace Murray Hooper award for being the outstanding young computer professional of the year, an award he shares with Steve Wozniak. Over the years, he led several software development projects involving hundreds of engineers in multiple locations producing millions of lines of code. In 1984 Scherr was appointed IBM Fellow in recognition of his extraordinary accomplishments and potential to make continued contributions in his field.