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Don’t Give Out Your Business Card

This is one of my favorite topics and always invites a heated discussion. I believe its best not to give out your business card to everybody you meet.  Instead, wait for them to ask for your card.  By doing this, you know that the person you have met, whether its a potential networking colleague or customer, is truly interested in you.

There are many people who walk around at parties, networking events etc. and introduce themselves and shove their business card at you.  You’ve all seen this and experienced this. You may have even done it.  Many people find this tactic overly aggressive and  a turnoff.  Remember, the goal of networking is to find somebody who will be a good networking partner that is truly interested in you.

The next time you meet somebody and want to hand over your business card, just wait for the other person to ask for it.  The way to make them ask for your card is to make them like you.  Make them like you by speaking with them about their favorite person-themselves.  Remember, you must be genuine and truly interested in people for this to work.  People who fake this are obvious.  When your new friend/colleague asks you for your business card, you can be sure that you’ve made a good connection.  Make sure you follow up with this person and stay in touch.  They could be your next big client, networking partner or center of influence.  Also, you can always ask somebody else for their business card, which may prompt them to ask for yours.

Try this tactic at your next networking opportunity and report back here on the blog and share your experience with the ALS community.

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