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Don’t You Forget About Me

In previous articles, I’ve discussed the steps required to cultivate a good relationship with a center of influence (COI).  Probably one of hardest aspects of this relationship building is keeping in touch and staying on the forefront of your colleagues’ minds. It can be a daunting task to keep in touch with many centers of influence.

The key to accomplishing this is being very organized and finding opportunities for many “little touches” throughout the month that benefit your COI’s.  

For example, I sent out a monthly newsletter to my COI’s and clients once a month. I work diligently with my marketing support team to ensure its not about me but about my clients and the benefits they derive from working with me.  That is the only piece I send out about “me”.  I use Constant Contact as my mechanism for this.

Additionally, I am always looking for other opportunities to reach out to my “universe” and provide a benefit to them and keep me in the forefront of their mind.  I do this by sending out invitations to events and information I think they will appreciate.  Remember, its not about YOU.    I send out a market update newsletter once or twice a month discussing economic trends in my industry.  I also send out referrals to my COI’s  for business that comes my way that could be good for them.  When I send these out using Constant Contact, it acts like a big fancy formatted email that subtly promotes me to my world.  Another colleague I know likes to send his personal family holiday card to his clients and COI’s.  He makes a point that it makes people think of him as a man who needs more business to support his family.  He finds it works very well.

What techniques do you use to keep in touch with your COI’s and clients to stay in the forefront of their mind?  Report back on the blog so we can all learn from you.

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