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Allan Scherr

Allan L. Scherr (born November 18, 1940) is an American computer scientist notable for his work in time-sharing operating systems and leading the original development of the IBM MVS operating system, used on IBM mainframe computers.

Career highlights include:

  • Proposed and led design of IBM’s TSO, today’s most widely used time sharing system.

  • Overall project manager and lead designer of first MVS release, IBM’s mainframe operating system.

  • Managed the creation of DPPX, an operating system for the IBM 8100 distributed processing system.

  • Managed IBM’s networking products and the CICS transaction processor during their early years.

  • Co-invented a proven technique to improve team productivity in projects by an average factor of 2.5.

  • Pioneered a new technique for automating business processes directly from their definition

  • Managed the transition and growth of an acquired software company from startup mode to acquiring and supporting a large number of customers with more than $100 million in revenue

  • Co-creator and leader of the “Jensen-Landmark-Scherr Leadership Course” at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester (NY) (now known as the “Being A Leader” course)

  • Co-creator of the time/life/project management system, Mission Control

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Consultant & trainer

Robert W. R. Walker


Trained in business, law and marketing and experienced in a wide range of industries from telecoms to art, Robert brings an exceptional ability to get quickly to the heart of how a particular organization works and draws on over 10 years of coaching and training experience to cause results that may at first appear impossible.

Through his work as a program leader for the international training company Landmark Worldwide and its predecessor Landmark Education and as an Ending Hunger Briefing and Contribution Meeting leader with the Hunger Project NGO, Robert has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the well-being, happiness and success of others.

Prior to becoming a coach and trainer, Robert co-founded the famous door-to-door fine art selling operation “Original Prints”, a unique way of distributing the contents of a large 1920s fine art discovery.


Consultant & trainer

Aljor Perreras

Aljor is a transformational coach. His experiences include being a senior program leader with one of the world’s top companies that deliver transformational programs.

He is currently consulting with businesses and organizations around Asia.

Aljor’s commitment is a shift in human consciousness to transform businesses, society, and self. 

His work is about people and organizations expressing their unique contribution to the world.

In over 15 years of leading personal and leadership development programs, he has transformed thousands of lives all over the world.

Born in the Philippines, grew up in California

Moved back to Philippines in 2001 to bring transformational programs in Asia

Center Manager, Philippines, Landmark Education (2002-2009)

Landmark Forum Leader, Landmark Education (2009-2013)

Aljor Perreras Consulting, (- Present)