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Allan L. Scherr (born November 18, 1940) is an American computer scientist notable for his work in time-sharing operating systems and leading the original development of the IBM MVS operating system, used on IBM mainframe computers.

Robert W. R. Walker

Trained in business, law and marketing and experienced in a wide range of industries from telecoms to art, Robert brings an exceptional ability to get quickly to the heart of how a particular organization works and draws on over 10 years of coaching and training experience to cause results that may at first appear impossible.

Aljor Perreras

Aljor is a transformational coach. His experiences include being a senior program leader with one of the world’s top companies that deliver transformational programs. He is currently consulting with businesses and organizations around Asia.


Anita has 15 years of corporate experience in different industries as a supply chain professional, entrepreneur, and investor. As a program leader with one of the world's leading training companies.