Paul Greiner, Program Leader/Consultant

Paul Greiner has spent the last decade using our unique models and applications to support individuals, teams and organizations in producing exceptional and unprecedented results, while also elevating engagement, clarity, satisfaction and peace of mind. He is renowned and respected by former and current clients and colleagues across North America for his uncompromising dedication, laser-like insight and powerful interventions, allowing for the fulfillment of previously unthinkable outcomes in fields as diverse as marketing, wellness, construction and finance.

Paul currently lives in Buffalo, NY with his girlfriend and her daughter, spending his downtime enjoying great food & drink experiences and working on the never-ending project that is a new house.

In his own words:

“For me, business is about being of service- period. The name of the game, though it has certainly become obscured over time, is to find out what’s wanted or needed and provide it. That’s business, that’s commerce, that’s the way to really have the world work… If you’re providing something of value to the world, and conducting yourself (and your business) with integrity, you will be successful.”

“When your ‘work’ is a real contribution that you absolutely love to make, the whole distinction between ‘work’ and ‘play’ begins to collapse and be rendered nonsensical.”

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In the words of others:

“Paul had a way of making me make the seemingly impossible adjustments and changes needed, almost effortlessly. After fully participating in a six-week one-on-one leadership course with Paul, I have seen tremendous growth in my confidence and capabilities. I now approach matters I engage in with intention, integrity and commitment; no matter how minor or significant it is. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to grow as a leader and as a person overall.”

Shandra Spicer, President, Spicer Group


“It has been about 9 months that I have worked with Paul Greiner, He had made a promise to me that I would be left being effective at what I want to achieve. I had no idea how he would do this. Yet after nine months Paul has helped me put in place the building blocks to be just that. Paul has challenged me to my core as a human being. What I do and what I say are all held to account. Am I doing what I said? Am I saying what needs to be said? I have been challenged to look at how I live my life and to change to live the life I want. Was and is it worth the price? ABSOLUTELY!! For if not, the costs were too great!”

Dennis Bauman, President, Amazon Coffee, Water & Vending


“ALS Consulting has provided our team with opportunities for lifetime growth. A new world of outcomes has opened up to us. Working with Paul Greiner has been rewarding. He is a true business coach.”

Sundra L. Ryce, President & CEO, SLR Contracting & Service Company, Inc.


“As a business owner who works alone and lives alone, attending the Power and Performance Course with Paul Greiner has been nothing short of miraculous for me. I now have a new set of tools to work with, am free from anxiety and see a whole new future for myself. I consider Paul to be a Master in the cutting edge technology he delivers. His passion for the work, his ability to reliably deliver this work, and his commitments to the goals of his clients is remarkable. After 10 years of courses, this is the course and the coaching that has had my business results skyrocket. Thank you, Paul.”

Tia Greno, Owner, Decorating to a “T”


“At work, we are instituting business metrics to drive the organization with data and benchmarks. I had never taken the time to do this in the past 13 years of owning my own business. Working on my own integrity (honoring my word) has been invaluable to me. I have cleaned up my habit of being perpetually late and it has made a huge difference in my life. I was finally willing to see that I was creating the lateness with my own choices.

“The theme of owning my choices has given me a lot of insight. I am uncovering rackets everywhere. Once you see them for what they are, your perspective shifts and you can find your way beyond them.

“When I look back at my goals for our work, I am very satisfied with the positive changes in my life and in my business. I continue to read the notes from our conversations and work on integrity, clearing up expectations, and completion of tasks. I have found the time I spent with Paul very insightful and would recommend him to anyone.”

Julie Madejski, MD, Owner, Artemis Wellness Center


“The Power and Performance course created and led by Paul Greiner has provided me with the tools and a system to take on a whole new level of integrity and power in my life. This system has me do away with endless TO DO lists and put in structures that call me powerfully into action around my commitments and dreams. I am able to give up anxiety about juggling multiple projects and can now see these projects moving forward with greater intentionality and velocity. My experience of my integrity and of my life is altered. I am accomplishing a lot more each day and doing so with increasing joy and excitement.”

Rebecca Ward, Clinical Coordinator, Brock University


“(We) hired Paul on a couple of occasions in 2010, and we have gained incredible value from his services. He has laser-like skills from start to finish; creativeness, explanation, execution and deliverables on his promises. His teaching skills and explanations allowed us to understand the theory of performance, and his assignments empowered to reach our goals. The company has not been the same month-to month because he has constantly challenged our set notions on performance. Consequently, we have expanded our vision beyond the bottom line, and our customers have gained. It is a pleasure to endorse Paul because he “walks-the-walk.”

Tim Vanini, President, New Dimensions Turf


“When I hired Paul as my business coach, over the course a few months I went from practically no revenue to 30 billable hours per week. His ideas and methods are innovative and effective, and he was brilliant at providing the insights I needed to move beyond the things that blocked my performance.”

David Fried, Proprietor, DKF Writing Services