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The Client:
The Situation:The Engagement:The Results:
Reddin Construction is a high-end, craftsman-level remodeling, renovation and small construction business. Jim Reddin is the owner and founder, and he employs three people directly (skilled labor), and manages multiple subcontractors on the majority of their jobs.Jim was at a crossroads. After more than a decade of being in business, he found himself overwhelmed, burnt-out, and resigned about the future— so much so that he was actively contemplating letting the business go and going in a totally different direction. Simply put, the results were not worth the workload (and persistent stress).We began working with Reddin Construction in July of 2014. We spent the first few months dealing with longstanding incomplete items, creating simple and effective new practices, and elevating productivity through individual development work and communication training. From there, we moved onto operational effectiveness and leadership development, with a program of ongoing performance coaching and situational consulting.In 2015, Reddin Construction more than doubled revenue, while taking only a slight hit in net profitability– even while administering multiple raises, addressing old debt, and only increasing workload by some 20%. As far as Jim goes, his time is spent managing and developing the business, with very little going into direct labor work (unless it’s something fun or interesting). He has identified his core values and created a tangible, outcome-based vision for the future of the business— one that fulfills on what really matters to him and to his family– and is at work planning out and fulfilling on that vision. Also, his relationships have improved, and he has vacationed multiple times this year.