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The Client:The Situation:The Engagement:The Results:
SEED Infotech is a technology training company based in Pune, India, with 32 offices throughout western and southern IndiaSEED was the 4th largest training company in its field, delivering training to college graduates in specific technology platforms and helping them with job placement. Founded 27 years earlier, their growth had been stagnant for several years. We were asked to bring leadership development training and to help them to reach their goal of being the number three companies in their field within 2 years.We began working with just the CEO, reframing the organizational mission and values and engaging all leaders within the company in making personal commitments to move forward the objectives of the company. This was followed by training for all top leaders (20 people) and then the second tier leadership, (50 people), in areas of leadership, management and creating breakthrough projects. During the training, each department head created a project that would move the company closer to its goal of being number three in India.

We then provided leadership support for these department heads in weekly and semi-monthly group calls as well as giving them access to one on one coaching as needed.
At the 13 month mark, SEED announced that it was now not only the number two company in its field, but that it was the only company in the business that had not gotten smaller over the past twelve months; growing approximately 12% when the other top 5 companies in the space averaged a 15% reduction in volume.

In one department where we identified the greatest potential for impact to the bottom line and took on a focused “breakthrough project” we identified new areas of untapped revenue opportunity. This department, already highly profitable, generated an 85% increase in revenue with an associated increase in expenditure of less than 15%.