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The Client:
The Situation:The Engagement:The Results:
William C Rott & Son is a family-owned roofing company with more than 30 employees that has been in business in the Buffalo, NY area for over 109 years.WCR had been on a decline in terms of leads and sales for four or five years, and in 2014 were in the midst of their worst year in decades. After a number of attempts to address the situation, the management team were at a loss on how to turn the tide, and their interactions (as well as the company culture as a whole) were often characterized by disagreement, resentment, and resignation.

Around 2010, they’d brought back a member of management to clarify and address the financials. After seeing some short-term improvements, results slipped backward again.

Since then, they’d also brought in, at one point or another, a professional organizer, a team of marketing consultants, a financial consultant, payroll/HR consultants, a well-known local business coach… and they also attended seminars, workshops, and whatever they could find to get some sort of leverage and turn the tide.

They were capable, well-intentioned, experts in their field, and clearly willing to use whatever support they could to make their business more successful.

And yet, nothing worked. Nothing ever “stuck” and really made the difference.

The company was referred to us by a common associate, and we began working together in June 2014.
We began our work with a six-week program with the management team to do some basic training and assess the situation, leading into a five-month engagement to address culture and individual performance– including a company-wide training & development program, the initiation of a series of internal projects and new initiatives, and situational consulting and performance coaching as needed.The leadership team of WCR committed to a breakthrough in 2015– that it would be their best year in their history in terms of sales volume (and following their worst year in decades)– and they did that and much more.
They increased their overall sales by over 80% and blew past their 2015 sales commitment– and all-time best year— by over a million dollars.
Internally, many long-unresolved issues and long-stuck “good ideas” have been completed, and as a result there is a higher level of efficiency, along with more trust, reliability and accountability.
Heading into 2016 together, we continued to develop and implement effective management practices to elevate profitability and also employee satisfaction, while ongoingly developing leadership and designing a compelling vision and strategy for 2020 and beyond.