Robert W.R. Walker, Associate Consultant

Trained in business, law and marketing and experienced in a wide range of industries from telecoms to art, Robert brings an exceptional ability to get quickly to the heart of how a particular business works and draws on over 10 years of coaching and training experience to cause results that may at first appear impossible. Through his earlier work as a program leader for the international training company Landmark Worldwide and its predecessor Landmark Education and as an Ending Hunger Briefing and Contribution Meeting leader with the Hunger Project NGO, Robert has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the well-being, happiness and success of others. Prior to becoming a coach and trainer Robert co-founded the famous door-to-door fine art selling operation “Original Prints”. A unique way of distributing the contents of a 1920s fine art publishing company.

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In the words of others:

“I have had the luck and privilege to be coached in my professional and financial performance and productivity by Robert Walker. Robert is a brilliant and impactful coach. His coaching made my intention a reality: to be signed as a fashion model by over 30 agencies in UK and abroad – after years of ineffective trial and error to get signed even by one. His coaching enabled me to expand my client basis and reputation. He really understands performance and enabled me to perform in a way I didn’t know I could.”

Esté Cann, Model and singer


“Robert helped our senior management team to pull together at a very challenging time and to be very clear about our commitment to delivering a change programme that served the strategic interests of the charity and was not driven off course by the factional concerns that were present. His straight-talking approach and emphasis on integrity were major components of a powerful and useful intervention. He is an inspiring coach.”

Simon Carruth, Chief Executive, The Medical Foundation for the Care of the Victims of Torture


“I found (Robert) to be able to get underneath my issues very quickly and precisely, and particularly to identify any hidden inconsistencies that were potentially causing problems. But Robert isn’t simply a very good listener, he also has an ability to appeal to higher impulses even in tackling difficult or “survival” situations. In short–he’s a damned good coach.”

Mike Klein, EMEA Communications Lead (Tartan), Cargill


“Robert is a hugely powerful consultant who made an immediate impact upon my business. His integrity and focus upon actions and results coupled with his warmth and humour make him an exceptional business coach. When meeting with Robert, and even on the phone, there is nowhere to hide. Just his presence alone creates empowerment and brings about elucidation and strong ideas – let alone the excellent solutions that he offers. I highly recommend Robert to anybody who seeks to bring results, excellence and integrity to their project or business.”

Matt Wimpress, Founder, New Leaf Personal Training


“I was a client of Robert Walker for a period of 3 months when he was working for Results Unlimited and during that time I produced more results and was more effective with my work and personal projects than at any previous time in my life.”

Nicholas Smith, Architect, Designer and Illustrator


“I’ve known Robert for many years and have found him to be an enthusiastic and powerful coach. The current engagement with him started in 2009. During this period my profit before tax increased by around 700%. Also I successfully merged my insurance broker business with another and the company is now writing its own insurance policies and administering claims handling.

“Robert has supported me in keeping focused on my goal and effectively managing my business towards that end. Talking with Robert helps me clarify my strategies for achieving milestones and ultimately the goals I set for my business. Having someone who is totally committed to my success and development is like an athlete having a personal trainer.”

Grant Burrows, Founder, Asurit Ltd.