We Believe…

…“cheap” talk is the most expensive kind.

We believe your real brand isn’t yours to dictate.

We believe that your real values show up in your actions, not just your “About Us” page.

We believe that anything can be resolved through communication.

We believe that commitment isn’t really commitment unless it’s freely chosen.

We believe that you’re bigger than you think you are. Yes, even you.

We believe having fun and high performance are not mutually exclusive.

We Stand For…

…creating organizations that really work for everyone involved.

We stand for bold commitments being realized, visions being fulfilled.

We stand for people standing for something, and being who there is to be to make it so.

We stand for a world where integrity is profitable, where the right thing is good business.

We Promise…

…to honor our commitments, and yours.

We promise to give you everything we have in service of the vision you’re creating.

We promise to listen to you as your word, and as bigger than you happen to be being at any given moment.

We promise to honor our relationship, and reward your trust.

We promise to do the work.

Our Team

Allan Scherr


Allan Scherr

Founded ALS Consulting in 1991.

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Robert Walker


Robert W.R. Walker

Team Member since 2009.

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Aljor Perreras


Aljor Perreras

Team Member since 2019

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